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June 24, 2019

Can you spare a dime for Democracy?

Was Dr. Sandra Carlson put into office by a simple math error? She was elected to the school board by the people of Valley View School District 365U on April 2nd, but some are claiming it was a math error.

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June 17, 2019

Are we in a post-truth era?

A few years ago I took an interest in a old group, the Rotary.  So much so that I even asked my husband to join, I would have, but travel for work made it impossible for me to be a member.   I like the organization because of one of their central principles, the Four-Way Test.  I find in particularly interesting …

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June 16, 2019

What Does a Billion Dollars Buy or A Fathers Day Memory

I grew up in Will County, Bolingbrook in particular, so I have seen an amazing amount of changes to our roads.  I remember back in the 70’s when my Dad would talk about the new bridge being built into Lockport from Route 53.  That new bridge was to cost a million dollars.  It seemed like a lot of money in …

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