August 2016

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  • DuPage River Trail extension is installed

    It took a day’s work to get a large portion of the bridge in at the DuPage River Trail extension on Wednesday. But you can see the entire process in only 90 seconds.  Click here to see high speed video on Facebook or here to see on home page in the Facebook feed.

  • A Young Man with a Vision

    I met Andy Wang after receiving a request for a donation to help send him to the Young Democrats High School Leadership Academy.  Below is his reflection on the trip.  I am glad I was able to help with a contribution to assist him afford the program.   Looking back a week later, the Young Democrats […]

  • End of Summer Blast!

    A copy of our report filed with the State Board of Elections and the Will County Clerk, it is (or will be) available for purchase from the State Board of Elections, Springfield, Illinois and from the Will County Clerk, 302 N. Chicago St. , Joliet, IL 60432   Get your ticket here, or pay at […]

  • Sharing

    Yes, I attended a very historic event last week. The Democratic Party was the first ever National Party to nominate a woman for President.  Even if you are not a Democrat, you have to agree this was history in the making.   To read about my experience you can click here.

  • What new with Nature

    Staff and volunteers from a group called Plants of Concern explored a Will County forest preserve this summer in an effort to track down two rare species. The Plants of Concern (POC) group arrived on June 8 coated in bug repellent, toting water and wearing long sleeves, long pants and floppy hats for their expedition […]

  • Educating our Children is our Only Hope for a Bright Future

    Governor Rauner said he is still committed to reforming the current school funding formula for Illinois.  To get this started he created a new Commission.  Senator Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant is one of many appointed to this new Commission.  The task is to recommend a comprehensive solution to reform Illinois’ school funding formula.  The report is due […]

  • Bridges to Somewhere

    Traffic in Will County may see some relief soon. CenterPoint will float $170 Million for the Houbolt Road Bridge, that along with a promised $21 Million from the State might just be enough.  Will County is a transportation hub here in America, as we have the largest inland port in the country. The interchange at […]

  • Excitement

    This last week as I traveled to Philadelphia for the Democratic National Convention I was reminded of the heroes that fought for our freedom who were considered traitors in the eyes of our government (the British).  Our government is WE the PEOPLE, we can all participate and we will always get the government that we help […]

  • Budget Creep

    Budget Creep was the phrase I used in a recent caucus meeting.  I am most concerned with the continued increase in the estimated cost of a new courthouse.  We started with some pretty low numbers 4 years ago, and now within the space of just a few months we have gone from a projection of […]