Updates for the October Board Meeting

Pretty calm meeting this month.  Both the Dems and GoP agreed on the proposed levy amount, next month we will weigh in on the budget.  It appears we will be unanimous for the first time in my 7 years on the board!

We did add a bit of additional funding to the Will County Public Safety Complex.  This was done to assure completion by December 2017 so that we might move the Sheriff’s department in quickly and be ready to start the Will County Courthouse early in 2018.  This caused a bit of grandstanding during the meeting, but ultimately passed.

We also heard from both PACE and Metra regarding the budget and service in Will County, both seem to be moving along despite funding issues.   We have great Park and Rides in Bolingbrook and the usage is growing.


About the Author:

I am a local woman, who cares about our residents, our state and our Country. Considered a progressive leader that is always looking out for new information to help me make the best decisions on our county issues.