Is it really a good idea to host a fundraiser at a place named Beggar’s?

Just kidding. Of course it’s a good idea; they’ve got good pizza (among other edible options), and we’re sure to have a great time as I kick off my campaign for re-election to serve as the 4th District’s representative on the Will County Board, a position that I am proud to have held (beginning way back in 2008), and one in which I hope I am able to continue to represent my constituents’ interests as Bolingbrook and Will County look forward to an ever-better future.

Now to be fair, sometimes it can feel like just begging for money – probably on both your end and on mine. Between the glad-handing and the baby-kissing and promise-making, followed by check writing, it can seem very transactional. But as I’ve said before (Seem Familiar?) on this page, it’s much more than that.

Because the money part is necessary for running today’s political campaigns. And I’m not self-funding, and I don’t have a big political machine behind me – so I have to rely on you, my constituents and supporters, to ensure that you have a good, strong, progressive voice in Will County governance.

And when you come to one of my fundraisers, amid all the aforementioned glad-handing and baby-kissing and promise-making is an opportunity for us to connect. And when we look one another in the eye and talk about our shared concerns and hopes for the 4th District, then we can find a way to make sure that we are moving together in the correct direction.

So join me tomorrow, May 7, at Beggar’s Pizza in Bolingbrook from 5:30-7:30 pm. It’ll be a wonderful time of getting to know one another, talking about the 4th District, meeting your fellow constituents – and of course, pizza! For more information, visit my website at, or reach out to Joe with the Friends of Jackie Traynere at or (630) 854-1374 to RSVP. Or just show up – I’d love to see you either way!