I was recently fortunate enough to be invited to a new group, and in June I helped them form and execute the first Family-friendly Pride event in Bolingbrook.  This group was created to show support for and to raise awareness of the LGBTQ community. The event went great, and many people were filled with capital P and lower-case P Pride in our village in all the residents of our community who came together to celebrate who we are. There is a lot more to say about this fabulous group and more events in their way, and I will be sure to share them with you, but I’ve got something else to discuss first.

A few nights after that Pride event, I wasn’t so full of Bolingbrook Pride. The DuPage Township Supervisor admitted to appropriating funds incorrectly (however, as he said, there was a budget, and it was approved by those it was presented to).  He admitted this misappropriation has been going on for 20 years, even before he was supervisor. Somehow I think he believes that makes it okay.  The Township attorney firm of the past 25 plus years sat there and didn’t say a word. Sadly, it makes you wonder even more about local government.  I am not sure what led up to getting a new attorney, but it appears the new one is advising the Township on what is legal and what is not, unlike the last attorney firm (who incidendently still wasn’t terminated as of 10 pm last night).  Why we have 2 firms, one that clearly doesn’t seem to be following the law, is beyond me, but I watched it happen in front of my own eyes.

But that wasn’t all. Since I decided to attend a Township meeting, I missed the Bolingbrook Village Board meeting, where our very professional and highly qualified mayor reprimanded one of the village’s citizens during a live streamed meeting, for daring to express an opinion.  It appears our mayor doesn’t understand the roles of citizens in the community. From his comments, it appears we are not entitled to free speech unless of course we either a) agree with him, or b) make our comments verbally at a board meeting. If you don’t believe me, watch it on the Village website, or better yet, join the Bolingbrook Politics Facebook group and follow the real action (and participate). It appears that what disturbed the mayor was that he was watching the posts made during the village board meeting on a mobile device; start watching at about 45 minutes in to the meeting. You will also learn about the fireworks show fiasco – the real fireworks from July 4, not just the ones the mayor creates through his boorish behavior.

When you step up to run for office, that includes taking criticism. Voters get to second guess your motives, attribute ideas to behavior or comments you make, attack your family and your business. When I see the decisions the mayor is making, I know it’s past time for him to go. The Fireworks show decision is just another bad one. Both Naperville and Aurora cancelled their shows, Bolingbrook could have followed suit.

Bolingbrook Pride is a great volunteer group, doing great things without government tax dollars and without bullying. We need our paid and elected officials to do the same.