Wow, less than 45 day’s until election and my calendar overfloweth.

Just in the last month we hosted an event for State Sen. Kwame Raoul, candidate for Attorney General.  Likely one of the most important statewide seats as this position functions as the peoples lawyer.  Protecting our citizens from corporations and yes even the government.  Over 35 Attorney Generals across the country have filed lawsuits against the current administration in DC regarding a variety of issues, Affordable Care Act, the Trump Charity Foundation, family separations and many others.
This was followed up by our first fundraiser for the Township (as the new chair) where we had guest speaker Mike Frerichs our state treasurer who wowed us with all of the improvements he has made since taking office.  He too spoke of how every vote counts and that went her ran he won by one vote per precinct (statewide). I of course have known this for a long time, my first race I lost by 2 votes per precinct, and when running for mayor lost by 3 per precinct.  He shared much, but as a grandmother saving for her grandsons education I was most excited by all the improvements in the Bright Start 529 program, it went from one of the worst in the country to one of the top 10.
This last week brought the announcement of the Bolingbrook United slate of candidates for 2019.  Many expected to hear I was running for Mayor, but that race isn’t until 2021.  It is hard to believe that we have an election in November and we are starting one for April of next year.  That is something that I would love to have the power to change.  It would save lots of money for the Clerks office and I believe make it easier for voters.  However my magic wand is out of commission right now.  The slate is amazing, we have such a variety of culture, education and experience in our candidates, with fresh ideas and new voices that can all be heard.  Its not too early to start as petitions will be available in just a few days.  I hope all of the folks that came out to support us when I ran for mayor will consider joining us again.  You can see the video announcement on the Facebook Page Bolingbrook United, there was even an article in the Patch this past Sunday.
In the midst of all of this we have also opened a campaign office for the Democrats of DuPage Township at 684 W. Boughton Suite 100 and we were lucky enough to have Congressman Bill Foster on hand to help with the celebration.  I have returned to work at my business, The Cleaning Authority.  I originally opened it in 2002, but after 9 months turned it over to my husband and brother in law to run.  As of Sept. 1st I have returned.  I am still working the beginning of my own real estate business, but the company needs my help too as one of our key employees left to be a full time grandmother/mom.
Retirement has actually been more work than traveling every week for my employer.  Grass hasn’t had a chance under my feet this summer, although it continues to grow in my yard.