Recently I attended a Climate Jobs and Justice rally/march.  Over 500 attended who formed the message “RISE” to encourage others to stand with them.  This movement/march was about our climate and the jobs in our area, although my understanding is that these marches took place around the country in various locations with the same themes.  Pollution is a problem, traffic is a problem all over Will County and these residents were taking a stand.  They are part of the “Just Say No to Northpoint” movement that is saying no more trucks on our roads, roads that are at capacity already.  Amy Walsh grew up in an Elwood neighborhood surrounded by farm fields, where the stars were clearly visible from her backyard.  Her starry nights have been replaced by the glow of the rail yard.  The farm fields of Will County are being plowed over for concrete warehouses. Most our Bolingbrook fields have already met that fate, I saw a new one just the other day on Lily Cache near Beggars Pizza, really almost in the middle of a neighborhood and if you travel anywhere on Remington you know the number of trucks that are up and down that road.  All these warehouses don’t always bring the best jobs, in fact many of the warehouses use temp agency staff which may be why Bolingbrook has so many of these agency’s.

There seems to be a bit of a movement all over our country for various issues, in our County it is trucks, nationally it seems to be to say no to sexual assault and harassment.  Here in Bolingbrook we have our own say “no” movement.  The DuPage Township Democrats are saying “NO” to new Park District Taxes.  The Democrats took a vote at their September membership meeting on whether or not to support the Park District’s referendum vote that will be on the Nov. 6th ballot. When there is an opportunity for taxpayers to have their taxes drop, our taxing bodies should welcome that and not use it as an opportunity to refinance or increase debt. Capital Bond Issues should be reserved for new operational needs, not maintenance. You can read more “HERE“.

Many thanks to Larry Coble for coordinating the phenomenal aerial photo of participants spelling out “RISE”, and thanks and credit to photographer Daniel Peters for the aerial shot and other drone photography.

I am all for new and better, but we are about to see a tax increase for garbage pick up, so this may not the best time to increase the park taxes.  On the County level we continue to cut.  This week the finance committee, of which I am a part, voted to lower the tax rate for the County.  We will collect slightly more tax money than last year to cover increased costs of doing business, but most of that will come from new property added to the rolls, which is why the rate will lower for what I believe to be at least the 3rd year in a row.  We are cutting staff and expenses at the County nursing home, Sunny Hill. Hopefully the residents of Sunny Hill won’t be rising up 🙂