Read my lipsno new taxes” is a phrase spoken by then-American presidential candidate George H. W. Bush at the 1988 Republican National Convention as he accepted the nomination on August 18. Written by speechwriter Peggy Noonan, the line was the most prominent sound bite from the speech.  Earlier this year we heard something similar from our Mayor, Roger C. Claar, he was speaking however about bonding for the Village.  Roger Claar said, “we don’t have to bond to do anything else in this Village”.  “we are done with our debt and all we have to do is pay it off, that’s the good news”.  Too bad the Mayor didn’t check with the other taxing bodies here in Bolingbrook.  Instead he is supporting a new tax.  If you look at his front lawn and check his Facebook posts you will see he is in support of more taxes for our residents. He is supporting the $14 Million in bonds that are mentioned on the Nov. 6th ballot as a referendum choice.

Our award winning park district has spent over $500,000 to keep about 30 employees from enjoying a small raise while getting a voice in the workplace, all while not including maintenance of our park equipment in the budget.   Now the Park Board wants you to borrow money to fix our park equipment and do a few changes to the pool and the rec center on Lindsay Lane.  Now both the pool and the req center are locations that require fees to use them.  First you pay to build them, then you have to pony up more to take advantage of them.  Many of us are paying for amenities we can’t afford to use.  Some believe the facility is just fine the way it is and if it need improvements, well how about the folks that use them paying for them.  Seems fair to me, why should anyone that doesn’t use it have to not only pay to have it constructed but also pay for the improvements or enhancements that should have been considered to begin with.

At the end of the day it is my thought that we should look to lowering property taxes at any opportunity.  I have heard more than a few weigh in stating that perhaps it might be better to build another pool or other amenities on the west side of town to expand the offerings.  I don’t rely on only 70 people in a town of 75,000 to suggest changes and improvements, I listen to everyone in the area, over 50,000 residents are in my district.  I believe we can do better here in the beautiful Village of Bolingbrook.  Our residents will have the chance to have their voices heard on Nov. 6th.  Be sure to attend the public meeting on November 3rd.  See the Part District website for detailed info on the public event.   But consider lowering your taxes without borrowing $14 Million, the dollars you save will be yours!!!!