So the election’s are over or are they?. No more negative commercials by outside groups flooding our airwaves at least for now.  While I agree that telling folks what you will do differently is a much better way to campaign, it usually isn’t what wins elections, or at least that is what all the outside groups that put on those frightening commercials would leave us believing.

That being said I am going to focus my next few blogs on the upcoming election cycle, the one that occurs in April, called the Consolidate Election. Most of the residents do not vote in these elections, like as not because there are NO COMMERCIALS, which is why I believe the negative ads do have an effect..  Hard to decide who to vote for when you don’t know much about the people running or the candidates.  So in an effort to increase awareness I am going to focus not only on candidates but what the offices do and why they are important.  You might be surprised to learn that less than 10% of the registered voters normally vote in these elections, could it be that we don’t know what the offices are and what service they provide?  Well if that is the reason, I think you will find my next few blogs helpful.

You might ask why I bring this up.  Last Saturday I attended the Bolingbrook United Fundraiser at Desi Diner.  I met a local teacher there from one of our middle schools, who teaches political science as part of his classroom exercises.  He shared with me that when Bolingbrook United ran its slate of candidates in 2017, including me for mayor, they analyzed and studied the race.  They looked at campaign literature, vote totals, percentages, issues and all the information they could find online to help them be informed voters.  At the end of the experiment the 12 year olds believed that they were more knowledgeable about the candidates and issues than their parents and that they should be allowed to vote and that got me to thinking.  So I thought I would write about some of our local units of government and what the roles are of those officials.  With another municipal race coming up in April I hope you will find this informative.  I will stick to mostly core Bolingbrook offices, but touch briefly on other offices when necessary.

We do have a number of government bodies here in Illinois, I know we have more than most states, but we also have different ones.  For example: in Massachusetts they have Tree Commissioners.  We don’t have that office here in Illinois.  But we have lots of others.  I do believe we could all do with less government, i.e. less duplicative offices,  but I don’t think we can do without the services that government delivers.  I look around and see people that have been in office 50 years and wonder why voters support people being in office that long.  Absolute power corrupts absolutely and being in office that long you are able to amass a large amount of power.  I do hope that our students are learning about that as well as they are the next generation of voters, because there is always another election right around the corner.