I have written before about the debt here in Bolingbrook and today I must bring up the subject again.  For every man woman and child it is over $6800, and that doesn’t include the state’s debt either.  The state has a website, http://www.usdebtclock.org/state-debt-clocks/state-of-illinois-debt-clock.html for its debt and if you click on this you can watch as your bill grows second by second.

How did we ever get into this situation you might ask? Some might say it is voters who likely only vote in presidential elections, but it is more likely voting for the wrong people since the 90’s. And not just at the state level, but at the local level. And, to be clear, I do mean the wrong people, not bad people or people that don’t care about our community, but people that continue to kick the debt down the road to future generations. Take a good look at where Bolingbrook fits into the debt level of Will County, we are the second highest.  Higher than all the surrounding communities.

We have a mayor who has expensive tastes and makes risky investments with our tax money  that have created this debt.  Did you get the letter he mailed to the residents of our community asking us to trust him with HIS choices for Village Trustee? Many of my friends and neighbors did and I would advise you use this as a guide for whom not to vote for.

And before you start saying oh, she’s just a hater, no, I love this community, I grew up here. If I was selfish I would sell my home and move to another community that doesn’t have this problem.  But I haven’t, despite having a real estate license, I am staying to fight for the community and a better future.  I love the diversity that we have and many of the amenities; however, I want my children and grandchildren to be able to afford to live in this community as well.  I for one believe you need to fix your own house before you go pointing at someone else, unlike our mayor who at every opportunity points to the state debt.

Time has a bad habit of moving forward. The debt will continue to rise here in Bolingbrook if we elect more candidates to support the mayor’s schemes.  Its time for new independent leadership in this once bedroom community, its time to vote for the candidates that are “Bolingbrook United”. BTW, they (trustee candidates) were endorsed by our own Bolingbrook Police MAP union this week.

Please join me in voting for a new independent school board for Valley View, a new Village Board for Bolingbrook and a new Park Board.  All of these have been controlled by our mayor and it is time for new voices to be heard. Its time that your voice is heard!

Visit the website www.bolingbrookunited.com