We all know that song, Knock 3 times on the ceiling if you want me da da da da, if you ain’t going to show… Well, I knocked over 200 doors this weekend, reaching out to voter’s.  Many didn’t know there was an election, others despite my having come to them, we busy doing something far more important, they were watching a basketball game on TV.  What does this say about us?? Still yet 2 others on Facebook (friends?) were stating they were not going to vote because the candidates had not shown up on their door step.  Not sure what to think about them.  Where has all that personal responsibility gone to?  Where is our civil duty and responsibility. Well I am not going to stew on that, just know that more than a few people are working hard to get the word out.  And as for the candidates they have websites, facebook pages and email addresses. So there are no excuses.  They are not interrupting your TV shows with commercials and for that I am grateful as I get ready to watch my evening TV show.
So for those that haven’t yet heard, (share this email with your neighbors that haven’t realized it yet) we have elections on April 2nd and they are not just in Chicago.  Read on to learn about one group that will continue to make a difference in our community.
Bolingbrook United launched its official platform for the local election on April 2nd. The municipal party, formed in 2017, is comprised of Bolingbrook residents who share the common vision of embracing new and diverse perspectives to drive positive change.
Village Board
Terri Ransom, Ajaz Gill, and Jaime Olson are running for positions the Village Trustee Board. “Our wonderful community of residents deserves better than massive debt, divisive rhetoric, and decreasing transparency from our local government,” Gill said. “We are fighting for Bolingbrook’s future.” Ransom, Gill, and Olson are involved community members who believe in elected officials’ accountability to village residents.
Valley View School Board
Bolingbrook United’s Valley View School Board candidates are focused on the future for local students and faculty. Debra Savage, Charlotte Droogan, and Dr. Sandra Carlson are longtime Bolingbrook residents who are running with the well-being of teachers, students, and faculty in mind. “Wellness at every level, faculty diversity, and technical opportunities are key priorities for Bolingbrook United,” said Dr. Sandra Carlson, who is a licensed counselor.
Fountaindale Library Board
Otis Gatlin and Ryan Harter are Bolingbrook United’s Fountaindale Library Board candidates. Harter and Gatlin are focused on board transparency, resident engagement, and improving access. “We are fathers with young children,” Gatlin noted. “Ryan and I understand the value of library programs and hours that benefit working families as well…”
Park District Board
Deneen Lenoir, Dorothy Andrews and Saud Ganzanfer, of Bolingbrook United, are working to win seats on the Park District Board. Andrews emphasized the village’s diversity saying, “We want our park district programs to reflect all of the residents of Bolingbrook. Inclusiveness is key.” Ensuring referendum commitments are on track and in budget is also a top priority for the three Park Board candidates.
Plainfield Library Board
Operations manager and community activist, Jason Cann, is running for Plainfield Library Board. Cann intends to leverage his business acumen to help build a thriving and community- oriented center for residents.
Back in 2017, Bolingbrook United’s first candidate, Bob Jaskiewicz, was elected to the village board. “We need more local officials who are willing to step up and operate in good faith for the betterment of this community,” said Trustee Jaskiewicz. “The 2019 Bolingbrook United candidates have presented a clear plan to foster prosperity for everyone in Bolingbrook.”
Bolingbrook United’s mission is unity, community, and transparency.
Full platform details for each position can be found at https://bolingbrookunited.com and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/bolingbrookunited.

In late 2016, in a quiet neighborhood in Bolingbrook, neighbors, business owners, and concerned citizens joined together to discuss the upcoming municipal election in Bolingbrook and the need for a change in local government. Citing citizens’ complaints that Bolingbrook’s leadership had grown out of touch with the diversity of the community, who its residents are and what is important to them, the group acknowledged that for over 30 years the same party has been in control and change is desperately needed.

Concerns expressed amongst the group ranged from improved fiscal responsibility and transparency to taxpayers, to improving services to residents including repair and installation of sidewalks and other infrastructure basics that are missing in some “forgotten parts” of the village. It became clear to all who were in attendance that it was time for change and “Bolingbrook United” was born.

This small group elected 1 trustee, Bob Jaskiewicz in 2017 and now we have 3 more opportunities to bring a better future to Bolingbrook.

Be sure and make your voting plan today.  Early Voting at the Fountaindale Library is available to ALL BOLINGBROOK RESIDENTS. Monday -Thursday 9AM to 7PM; Friday 9AM-5PM, Saturday 9AM-2PM and Sunday Noon-4PM.

Vote for and end to no bid contracts, options for garbage pick up, and most importantly a fresh look for opportunities to eliminate our debt.  WE deserve a more open and welcoming government.  Vote for Bolingbrook United Trustees.

Endorsed by the Will/Grundy Building Trades and

Bolingbrook Police Union MAP after decades of staying neutral, this group has endorsed our candidates.