Spring is here, or is it?  As I write this we are getting up to 6 inches of SNOW! But that is okay, its Chicago, wait a few minutes and the weather will change.  Tomorrow it is going to be 50, so I convinced my husband he didn’t need to retrieve the snow blower just yet.  Be patient and it will all go away.
Maybe that is what the residents of Bolingbrook thought this past election day, be patient and it will all go away.  We did have the highest turnout in the County, 16% and in my precinct it was 21%.  Is that why voters stay home? Being patient?  I for one think not.
I have read many articles and one of the comments I hear often is that people can’t research and find out nearly enough about the candidates.  Today in the Herald News of Joliet was a great article in the Letters to the Editor section by Mary Lou O’Brien of Shorewood. Here is her letter.
There are a couple of solutions as I see it, we could move the consolidated election to our November elections or to the Primary election time.  Both would bring a bigger turnout.  However according to Mary Lou and many others the issue is also finding out about the candidates.  This is where I think our County Clerks could play a role.  They could provide a space on the website for every candidate to post their credentials and platform.  There could also be a link to the persons ballot choices based on address (whoops we already have that and our Clerk sends a sample ballot weeks before the election).  But I digress.
Lets face it, we are all busy, we all have more things to do than time to do them in, but if we don’t pay attention to the Local races, we are the victims as those are the bodies that decide about our services and taxes.  Recently I learned we will be paying for garbage here in Bolingbrook. This, folks, is a new tax.  It was suggested for a while that we would get a reduction on our property tax bill, but now I am hearing that isn’t likely because the Village is behind on its pension payments for police/fire and possibly regular municipal employees, like Carol Penning our Village clerk.  Yes she is an elected official, but she also hires herself to be her assistant.  It’s a hot story on Facebook this week on Bolingbrook Rants and Raves and also on Bolingbrook Politics.  Also, by the way, if you are on Bolingbrook Friends, don’t mention this or Carol will kick you out of the group.  No questioning the moderator allowed!
I do like both ideas, moving the election date and allowing all candidates in all races to have a place on a centralizes website.  Between both maybe we would get improved election officials.  Cause lets face it, the weather will change no matter what but our elected officials remain the same if we don’t take action.