Was Dr. Sandra Carlson put into office by a simple math error? She was elected to the school board by the people of Valley View School District 365U on April 2nd, but some are claiming it was a math error.

I don’t think so, neither does the Will County Clerk but there are people that seem to believe so. https://www.vvsd.org/Page/10073 meeting from April 29th, start at 28 minutes. James Boudouris is giving his final speech as a member of the VVSD Board. Mr Boudouris and/or his friends are hiring big gun lawyers to toss out your vote. Yes, they are claiming that if an election judge failed to initial a ballot when you came into the polling place on April 2nd 2019 that your ballot should be tossed.

This might be okay if it were in all the precincts of the district. But alas, they only want to toss those in the 3 precincts that would overturn the election for Dr. Carlson and give it to Mr. Boudouris. This smacks of big dollar interference and will all know who raises the most money in Bolingbrook/Romeoville, for political reasons is. In his exit speech Mr Boudouris welcomed Dr. Carlson to the board, however in the same breath he felt the need to admonish her about how close he lived to the administrative center. He repeated an earlier comment that if he was going to loose to someone he was glad he lost to her. That doesn’t seem to jibe with what they are doing now. Spending tens of thousands of dollars to overturn the results of the voters.

Please consider helping Dr. Carlson mount a defense. This is a non-paying position. There are many ways you can contribute, reach out to me if you can spare a dime for democracy.