Dr Sandra Carlson had dreamed of running for the school board for years. I learned about it a few years back at a Rotary holiday gathering. She has always been concerned with children and their education. She owns her own counseling practice and has been in business her in Bolingbrook for many years. She is an amazing mother and grandmother, her husband Paul is a retired pastor of New Life Lutheran Church and they have both been very involved in the community for years. However she was not chosen by the people in power to be allowed to run and so when the opportunity to run with the Blingbrook United group came up, she jumped at it.

In April her dream came true she won, not a landslide but she won. The loser in the race, James (JT) Boudouris wasn’t able to accept the results. Instead of a farewell speech at his last board meeting he used the time to lash out at those that ran against him. He gave a very negative address (see below) at his final board meeting on April 29th. At the end however I thought he seemed to accept the outcome, even wished Dr. Carlson the best, despite his negative tone. You see no one had ever challenged the powers that be and succeeded. Dr. Carlson was the first for the school board, just a Bob Jaskiewicz was the first person ever elected to the village that wasn’t chosen by the powers that be. A few days after this meeting Mr. Boudouris retained an attorney to overturn the election results from the office of Kavanagh Grumley & Gorbold in Joliet, you may know Kavanagh as the former chair of the Will County Republican party (Roger Claar was the Chair of the DuPage Township Republican Party).

It has recently come to light that James Boudouris has had both Federal and State Liens filed on his property by the IRS and a notice of foreclosure was filed in August 2016. Why would an individual decide to spend thousands of dollars on a court fight in an effort to steal an election for a position that has no pay? Wouldn’t he be better off using his funds to pay the liens against his property? But maybe he isn’t paying the costs for the litigation, but then who is and why? Another question is why would he drag in candidates that didn’t win, as well as sitting board members? So many questions with no answers.

The community deserves a candidate who is fiscally responsible to the voters and their concerns. For more on the story and all documents related to it visit www.bolingbrookpolitics.com or click here

If you want to see your vote count, you can donate here. Politics is not a spectator sport, and I always say you get the government you are willing to pay for. Stop letting one special interest control all the elections in Bolingbrook, get on the field by making a donation to Dr. Carlson’s legal defense fund at https://donorbox.org/citizens-for-Carlson a little can go a long way.

Dr Carlson will be a guest at the DuPage Township Democrats meeting on Aug.19th with an update on her defense against Mr. Boudouris lawsuit. Our meeting is at 7pm at 684 W. Boughton all residents are welcome.