No this isn’t some sort of new game I learned this week, although it has been a busy one. On Tuesday at Rotary I saw a great presentation for Toastmasters by the Chamber, (member Martie Barton gave a wonderful speech on how Toastmasters can help with public speaking) and attended an open house for a few local businesses in the DEMOCRAT Building. On Wednesday I met with members of Friendship Methodist Church and Rotarian and Pastor Anna Shin who had invited Sen. Pat McGuire to talk about legislation and we received quite an education about the Illinois Prison System. Thursday evening brought the Will County Assessor presentation on property assessments, and a few angry taxpayers, then later an announcement by fellow Democrat Nick Palmer. Long time County Executive Larry Walsh was on hand to endorse Nick as the next County Executive, Nick is his Chief of Staff, as Larry is not running again due to health issues. There will likely be a primary race for the seat so be sure to get to know all the candidates. Friday was relatively quiet, but Saturday brought an opportunity to volunteer as a Rotarian at the Parkie’s 5/10K, followed by a Women’s Advisory Group to Representative Manley and a National Organization of Women board meeting.

Wow! What a week, but actually the first meeting of the week is where I learned about Scoop and Toss. This is where elected officials kick the can down the road rather than pay off the bonds/debt they issue. Let’s talk in simple terms, for example: your mortgage. Most people know that the first 10 years of a mortgage is where you give the bank lots of interest money, but YOU really don’t pay down your principal debt. Can you imagine refinancing your home every 10 years for the rest of your life? Maybe when you are 35, 45, 55, 65 and so on….you would never pay off your home, you might not ever be able to retire or do other things with your money.

Its well documented that this is what some elected officials do. Puerto Rico does it, Chicago did it, and well, so does Bolingbrook. They say it is to save on interest, that they are refinancing for a lower interest rate, but I believe there is something more sinister going on. Some of the people involved in the refinancing of Bolingbrook’s debt donate money to the Mayor. Our Mayor then pays for the campaigns of the Village Trustees who in turn vote for the refinancing of this debt. I wonder if the Trustees even understand the role they play, and if they do, well that’s even worse. Learn about SCOOP and TOSS, then watch what the Village board does. They refinanced our debt in the Spring of 2018 and they are about to do it again in November 2019. Scoop and Toss is a wonderful game to play if you don’t want voters to know what you are really doing and that you are lining your pockets with campaign cash.

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