Some of you might remember a soccer star from a few years back, her name is Suasana Mendoza. She was and is a bundle of energy who brought fame to Bolingbrook High as a soccer star. Now she sheds light on Illinois finances and personally she is a hero because of her highlighting the issues of running a state without a budget. She sounded the alarm all over the state as to why we were falling further and further into a debt hole because of the inability of the last governor to produce a budget.

But before that………she was the youngest female ever elected to a state rep position and the City of Chicago Clerk who ended the once a year practice of selling city stickers. Can you imagine the lines? Three million people trying to pay for their city sticker all at the same time? If you visit the wayback machine you might recall that Bolingbrook ended city stickers when IKEA came in. It was highly celebrated. Oh those were the days…. now we pay 3 or 4 times as much for garbage pick up, (without the toters for thoses that love them), maybe we should have kept the city sticker fee and saved for a rainy day? As surely our rainy day has arrived.

Anyway I digress. Susana is coming back to Bolingbrook. She will be attending the 1st Annual Fall Fest, hosted by the DuPage Township (yes I know we are in Will County) Democrats. Our fundraiser is to help cover the costs of outreach in the Township. If you have never experienced Susana’s energy, don’t miss this great event.

It will be on September 22nd from 2-5PM in Meyer Park, (who said this wasn’t a bi-partisan town, Jim Meyer was a former GOP state rep), across from the Post Office and Village Hall, behind the PACE Parking lot. There will be a pig roast, because after all what kind of event is it if you don’t roast something or someone LOL, with plenty of vegetarian options also. Hot Dogs and Hamburgers for kids of all ages and some cool deserts. Cost is $35 or $50 a couple. Bring the kids as they can eat free. We will have some games and fun for them as well. Celebrate Bolingbrook, Naperville, Romeoville and Plainfield as we are all a part of DuPage Township in Will County! Meet Susana! Meet the other elected officials in our community and share your joys and your concerns. Tickets must be purchased in advance, no tickets sold at the park (the Village won’t allow this). Visit this secure website to purchase tickets. Or you can contact your precinct committee person or me and we will pick up your donation and deliver your ticket.

Can’t make it? DTDO accepts donations for the work we do. You can donate on the same website, or again, call and your donation will be picked up 331-704-0408.