Health or Hazard?

What are your thoughts on this plant? I have learned quite a bit on this topic in the last few weeks. First, I should tell you that it is likely Will County will only see 4-5 licences issued in the entire county, second Will County has over 540,000 acres and less than 7000 acres would be zoned to possibly be eligible to apply for a Special Use Permit. That being said all Special Use Permits for the unincorporated areas have to be approved by the Land Use Committee and then by the full County Board, the proposed location would be examined to see if it would be a good fit and that it follows the guidelines we adopt. This of course assumes the County doesn’t opt out of Cannabis next Thursday. From the map we have been shown most of these locations would be in the furthest South and Eastern parts of the County.

Yes Illinois went about this a different way then many of the states, it didn’t do this by voter referendum. There are of course more than a few reasons for this and I won’t list them here or my blog article would become a book. Ten states plus DC, including Illinois have legal recreational use, and at least 15 have decriminalized its use.

Last week I was at a local event, the attendees were mothers, mostly empty nesters, a group that I assumed would have a number of members against the legalization of Cannabis. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Most spoke of how “weed” was everywhere already. I guess I live a pretty sheltered life, I hadn’t seen Marijuana in Bolingbrook since High School and didn’t realize how common it was today.

I will say that in my opinion it is impossible to legislate morality, which what I feel prohibition does. I look around at the number of people who smoke, something that raises my insurance costs, and I am amazed that folks are still acquiring this really bad habit. We all know that it will kill you and it will likely be an expensive death that everyone will share the burden of. I see so many elected officials arrested for driving under the influence, not just in the past, but current. Last week the mayor of Braidwood was arrested, a couple of years ago our own Deputy Mayor, Michael Lawler, a couple electeds from Romeoville, I could go on but that is a different blog story. Clearly Prohibition didn’t work, the mob loved it though, as we saw it just go underground. Warning people of the negative’s helps some, but mostly I believe it is in the hands of us the parents and lots of education at every opportunity, although there are still some nurses and physicians that smoke (unbelievable I know).

So, let me know how you feel about the prospect of legalization in Will County. I promise to listen to your concerns. But please do keep in mind, this is the law, that we can regulate where it will be sold, i.e., not at the corner store and that people are already using it far more than you likely realize. For more on Cannabis in Illinois, click here. For those wanting to try it out, apparently Manhattan, Joliet and Romeoville will allow recreational sales as of Jan., with likely more communities to come because you can always opt in at a later date.

So drop me an email, or text me 630-240-9178. I would love to hear from you before our vote on Dec 19th.