Its time to vote, March 17th is right around the corner. However there are other options available, voting by mail or early voting. Contact your County Clerk, if you are here in Will County you can request vote by mail here up until March 12th. You can vote at our local Fountaindale Library early at the times listed here.

Most importantly learn about your candidates. Visit their websites, learn about their views or past voting records. I know the candidates running in our area on a first name basis. Some of them I have worked with on many occasions, others I know more on a social level.

If you are wondering, I am still supporting Bernie, I was on team Elizabeth, but that is no longer an option.

Bill Foster has earned my support and has a good voting record and I will be supporting him for another term. You can read more about his endorsements and record here.

In my area we don’t have any competitive Representatives for the State Legislature. However we do have one for the State Senate in the 49th District. This is the seat being vacated by the current Senator, I am supporting Michael Crowner. He has an extensive finance background and with the trouble our state is in I feel he would be the best candidate . His background also includes working with corporate boards to increase opportunities for minority and women-owned businesses along with helping elected officials better understand financial services and public pension systems. You can learn more about his views here.

For the Office of Executive of the Will County Board I enthusiastically support Nick Palmer. He has been the Chief of Staff for the outgoing Larry Walsh for many years and has worked in Will County government for 16+ years. He knows the job and has a record of accomplishment. If you don’t know his record, or haven’t seen his mailers, click here. He also received the endorsement of the Chicago Tribune.

For the Will County Coroner, both candidates are qualified. When this is the case, I go for the woman candidate, however I have 2 reasons this time, as her opponent is not a Democrat. Yes he is on the ballot as one, but he has never voted Democrat in a primary and he said publicly that he looked at the numbers and decided that he should run as a “D” because he had a better chance to win. Laurie Summers gets my support.