Lots of new information, Covid 19, Ribbon Cutting at the Courthouse and help for small business under CARES ACT and how we COUNT! 
I receive daily emails from our Health Department and I will say we are making progress since Aug 26, when we had positivity rates of over 9%.  We have now had 3 days below 8%.  The most dramatic growth in cases had been among people under 30; this is why some of the restrictions focus on bars and restaurants after 11pm. The contact tracing program that the Health Department has started in a robust fashion, and continues to expand, has indicated that this age cohort and situation has been dramatically contributing to the rise in cases. I know this is frustrating for everyone – I share your concerns about not only everyone’s health, but the economy as well. The best we can do right now is encourage our friends, neighbors, and younger folks to take this seriously and get the train back on the tracks now, before it gets cold out and outdoor dining becomes difficult.

  • WEAR a mask that properly covers your nose and mouth when you are in public and around people who do not live in your household.
  • WATCH your distance in order to maintain at least six feet from others as much as possible.
  • WASH your hands or use hand sanitizer frequently.

I had a chance to tour the new courthouse earlier this month. It’s gorgeous, inside and out.  The ribbon cutting is set for Friday October 9 – fingers crossed that we are able to celebrate the opening of this awesome building.  It will bring a much needed level of safety and security to all those with business at our Courts. Done without any increase in property tax as once again this year the tax rate will lower (6th year in a row). 

I think the biggest news – that hopefully everyone is aware of – is that our CARES Committee continues to move the ball forward in getting much needed funding out in our community. My colleague on the board also from district 4 Ken Harris- Bolingbrook chairs this committee. The local government application is open until September 8. Up to today, 49 applications have been received; 20 of those have been reviewed and so far $188,000 in eligible expenses have been approved. The small business application is also open, and will be until September 28. 616 applications have been received so far.
I would encourage you to share the County’s CARES ACT website with your friends and neighbors where they can sign up for updates and apply for funds.

Last but not least, the Census.  Will County’s response rate is now above that of 2010, but this is no time to rest on our success.  Our neighbors in the Riverstone Apt complex are still below the 60% rate of 2010, so if you know people that live there, please encourage them to respond. The Census dictates funding from both the Federal and State government for essential programs and education. Each missed person costs Illinois over $20,000 during the period between now and the next Census. Please know that everyone counts and we need your help.  2020Census.gov is the website to make sure you are counted.  

Stay Safe and WASH YOUR HANDS!