Will County is served by four US Interstate Highways, four US Highways, and twelve Illinois Highways. Four Metra commuter train lines connect county residents with jobs, entertainment, and educational opportunities in Chicago, and [info on freight trains here]. Nearly countless miles of county roads, township roads and other municipal streets and avenues criss-cross what is arguably the busiest county in the US, allowing neighbors to connect further than just across their backyard fences and helping customers reach businesses and vice versa. The biggest planned inland port in North America joins all these land-based transportation modes with Des Plaines River access, extending products’ reach even further. Additionally, natural gas pipelines and a petroleum refinery plant provide energy options for our citizens locally and our neighbors regionally and throughout the US.

Jackie understands that we need to carefully balance the safe, speedy movement of people, freight, and resources within the county (and beyond) with the judicious management of road-, rail- and waterways, as well as pipelines and processing facilities, to minimize their impact on nearby residents and natural resources and their plant and animal inhabitants. It can be a delicate balancing act to provide necessary opportunities for growth and expansion while making sure to preserve our communities, both human and natural, for future generations.