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March 24, 2019

Knock Three Times or Civil Duty

We all know that song, Knock 3 times on the ceiling if you want me da da da da, if you ain’t going to show… Well, I knocked over 200 doors this weekend, reaching out to voter’s.  Many didn’t know there was an election, others despite my having come to them, we busy doing something far more important, they were …

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March 3, 2019

Death and Taxes, you can be certain of both….

I have written before about the debt here in Bolingbrook and today I must bring up the subject again.  For every man woman and child it is over $6800, and that doesn’t include the state’s debt either.  The state has a website, for its debt and if you click on this you can watch as your bill grows second by second. How did …

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February 17, 2019

Meet the Candidates

We all want the best government we can get, so here is a chance to meet the candidates running in the April 2nd Municipal Election. This Wednesday stop by between 6:30-8:30 and meet the candidates that want your vote.  Share your view on the issues you are most passionate about in our community. You can stay for as little or …

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